Valentine Memory Game

11 02 2009

Although I think candy and Valentines Day go hand in hand, I also think the kids get plenty without me adding more. So instead of attaching a piece of candy to Seth’s valentine cards I made a heart themed memory game.  I used watercolor pencils to create heart and heart themed images. Simple yet Seth really seemed to get a kick out of them.

I then scanned all of my images and went about cropping & sizing them to fit a grid of 2×2 squares on a Word document. Interested but don’t have either the time or the desire to draw your own? Download mine by clicking here: Valentine Matching Game.

Make your own with these materials:

  • 2 Sheets of images (yours or mine) printed on heavy weight paper
  • 2 Sheets of heavy weight color paper for backing
  • Glue – I used a spray adhesive until I ran out and then moved on to PVA, but any white glue should work here.
  • Brush for glue (if not using spray adhesive)
  • Newspaper or catalogs to prevent any glue or spray adhesive going where you don’t want it to.
  • Wax paper
  • 4 Self laminate sheets or contact paper
  • Paper cutter or use a blade, ruler & cutting mat

Now follow these steps. (Just don’t try to do a dozen a couple days before the big day like me. I’m nuts.)

  1. Completely cover the back of the image paper with glue. If using a white glue make sure to spread thinly all the way to the very edge or the layers will peel apart later.
  2. Lay image paper on backing and smooth down.
  3. Place between sheets of wax paper (to prevent sticking) and then under heavy objects like books or, in my case, a giant box of craft supplies.
  4. Allow to dry. It’s best if you leave it over night but at least give it a couple hours.
  5. Sandwich between 2 layers of laminate.
  6. Trim excess off edges to square everything up
  7. Cut down to approximately 2 inch squares. I thought I’d want to be more precise here but it’s really not necessary. In fact, little fingers appreciate it when things aren’t all perfectly sized. It makes them easier to grab off a stack.

Now you just have to find something to put them in. Us? Well, we took another shot at sponge painting and had moderately more success toward our, er, I mean MY goal. I know kids art is all about the process not the product, but when you need valentines, you need valentines. Seth sponge printed hearts onto envelopes and I’m writing the To So and So, From Seth, Happy Valentine’s Day on them. I don’t see any need for a card to go along with it. The envelope is the card.

Now I just have to worry about Eleanor’s cards. I had stary eyed dreams of sewing up little bean bags similar to this for all of her classmates but have since given the idea up. I was even going to cut hearts out of her paintings for the cards. Seriously. What was I thinking? I even bought a 5 lb bag of rice. Anywho… Now, I’m just thinking of printing something fun off. I adore these and these, but they don’t have birds or dogs in them. I figure if Eleanor isn’t going to participate in making them they should at least be something she likes. I’m considering these ones with the bird even though they are meant for wallpaper I could size them down. Anyone know of any cute downloadable puppy themed valentine cards out there?




4 responses

12 02 2009

Seriously? Your kids will be coming home with a card from Sarah. We’ll be lucky to get them into an envelope.

12 02 2009
painted fish studio

fabulous idea!

13 02 2009

wonderful:) It’s always great to have something besides a card to give (which just gets thrown away) and candy.

15 02 2009

Wow, they look great!! Lucky classmates. :)

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