Nutty Art

16 02 2009

Cleared out some old raw nuts from the freezer today.  Added some birdseed and talked the kids into going outside with me to do some art for the birds and squirrels. The idea excited Eleanor more than Seth. Most likely because she’s the animal lover. However, Eleanor completely lost interest after about 5 minutes. Seth, on the other hand, enjoyed choosing the nuts and both directing the placement and placing some items himself.  Here’s what he came up with:

And just in case you were wondering, it was dusk and all the little specs are sand from the sandbox about an inch under the snow. We’re short on snow around here these days due to some abnormally warm temps a week or so ago.  The warm air was nice after all the 20 below weather but now instead of blankets of white snow we’ve got dirt, ice and a few patches of snow in the shadows. Bluck! Seeing as March is the snowiest month in these parts, I’ve got my fingers crossed for a fresh blanket of snow soon.

If your child attends the same daycare as mine leave a comment guessing who these are portraits of. I’ll email you back the correct answers because I guarantee you won’t guess the 2nd one right.




8 responses

17 02 2009

Well, i’m not at the daycare, but i’m guessing #1 is Hannah…. :)

17 02 2009


17 02 2009

You sneaky bugs are so creative!

18 02 2009

I got nothin’, but inquiring minds want to know. Who could they be?

18 02 2009
jen b

now that is the cutest thing i have ever seen! such creative littles you have

18 02 2009

these are so sweet anna!!

i’m wishing for that fresh blanket of snow too (to hide all the rabbit poop in the backyard of the preschool!! :( YUK!)

19 02 2009

You Sneaky Bugs are clever!

22 02 2009

I would love to do something like that…think of all the squirrels that would come to see me (we have a LOT of squirrels in Montreal)!!! Do you know that it’s illegal to feed squirrels in Montreal and that you can get in trouble with the police for that!!! Sorry lovely squirrels ;)

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