1st Hat

20 02 2009

This is the first hat I’ve ever knit. Can you believe it? I’ve knit toys, baby clothes, children’s sweaters, ponchos, bags, scarves galore, but never a hat. Until now. And I ripped it all apart tonight.

See that funky V just above the right side of my eyebrow? It was driving me nuts. Nuts I tell ya! And there was another one just like it on the other side. I know exactly what happened. I remember dropping a stitch twice and pulling it back up with my fingers. I must have done it the opposite of what I needed to. (In stockinette instead of garter for those of you knitters out there.) I didn’t even see it until the day after I finished it. Tried to live with it. Couldn’t.



7 responses

20 02 2009
painted fish studio

Loving it, despite the v’s!

22 02 2009

did you finish the new one yet?
both you and jen have cute hat photos:)

22 02 2009

you AND jen have me wanting to knit a hat…come to think of it, i don’t think i’ve ever knit one before either

23 02 2009

I wouldn’t have even noticed the v if you didn’t point it out! Plus couldn’t you have put that part on the back of your head where you woudn’t notice it. I know, I know I suffer from perfectionism too!

24 02 2009

I am in awe just looking at it. Know what you mean about imperfections, but you know, according to the Donnie book of making philosphy there are no mistakes, just a happy creating accident waiting to happen. :D

25 02 2009

Absolutely love the color!
Is it a bulky weight yarn?
And, lastly, I’m so proud (that you ripped it out even though it looks great as is).

28 02 2009

I’m so glad you all had fun pudding painting!!! I love the picture of Seth and his green tongue:) Hope you all are doing well!! Love ya!!

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