Puddin’ Paint

22 02 2009

In search of a creative fun indoor activity I remembered a tip from my dear friend Tracy – finger painting with pudding! The kids enjoyed it tremendously. I’m always happy when we try something that’s a hit with both ages. Seth was thrilled with the color mixing aspect and I think Eleanor was content to be participating in something with her brother. She didn’t even mind getting stuff on her fingers!

Now this activity couldn’t be simpler, but I warn you it’s messy:

  1. Make some instant vanilla pudding. Get the small size, we had WAY too much with the larger size box.
  2. Divide it into small containers. I did 10, but with the smaller size box you could get away with 6.
  3. Refrigerate until ready to use.
  4. Set out white or light colored plates, food coloring, spoons, a wet washcloth that you don’t mind getting stained and the pudding containers. For the youngest you could just use their highchair tray instead of messing with potentially airborne plates. Also for the little ones you  may want to premix but for my kids at 20 months and 4 yrs that was part of the fun.
  5. Let them at it. The one thing you’ll need to monitor is the amount of food coloring they use. Seth was good here. Eleanor, not so much. I got distracted and we ended up with one extremely dark olive green. Of course, we ended up with a couple containers of the inevitable brown as Seth just wanted to see what happens if he added yet another color to the mix. And that’s OK, it’s all a learning process.
  6. At the same time or afterward, don’t forget to eat the “paint”!




9 responses

22 02 2009

My husband saw this and said “oh, yes! we need to do that!” — not sure if he’s more excited about the pudding or the painting.
Love that green tongue!

22 02 2009

oh what a great exercise…peanut is constantly exploring what happens when colors mix. i just showed him seth’s photo (yes, it’s alomst 11, can you believe he’s up?) and he said, “oh! i miss seth! i hope his mouth is ok”. I assured him it was just food coloring but he said, “no, from when he fell in the park the other day”…snicker,snicker, the other day…it was about 8 months ago when we met at the falls!

23 02 2009
Mom and Kiddo

This looks so nice and easy. Sadly, I can never get my son to do fingerpaints because, inexplicably, he doesn’t like to touch things that get his hands messy.

23 02 2009
painted fish studio


23 02 2009

I’m thinking this would make a funny April Fools joke. If i pull out the “paint” and tell the boys to paint something, and then I start eating the “paint”!

23 02 2009

We’ve done this and it’s just such fun! I have to agree, though, with a previous commenter–two of my children love it, but my son is mortified of being ‘sticky’. The boy…crazy!

xo, amanda @ http://www.kiddio.org

24 02 2009

Hi Anna!
I left an award for you on my blog.

24 02 2009

Would it work with custard?? I like custard. Seeing we have marble floors, this activity is just begging to be done.

18 03 2009

so cute! When my kids where young, I put them in the tub on each side of a stool holding a cookie sheet covered with shaving cream. I’d add food coloring and let them go crazy mixing it……..they learned colors that way and had such fun….but….I think they would have rather EATEN their fun…..of course, I also did it this way to contain the mess…….and give me a moment to sit down after work………

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