2 03 2009

The oh so marvelous Ayama taged me to show my 6th of 6 photo. The whole idea is you find the 6th photo in the 6th picture folder on your computer and blog about it.  Well, it all depends on how you count. Do you count folders within folders? If there aren’t 6 pictures in what you decide is the 6th folder because you were preoccupied with a new born baby, do you continue counting in the next folder or start again from one? Complicated, I tell ya. But here’s what I landed on. A sleeping puppy.

Her name was Nikita and I loved her as much as she drove me nuts. And boy did she drive me nuts! Smart enough to open doors, gates & refrigerators; dumb enough to eat an entire pound of butter in one sitting. Just ask Martha. She was there the first time we left our darling puppy alone in our house. She actually wasn’t a puppy. Nikita was a 5 year old neglected and rescued German Shepard. When we came home from a lovely breakfast that first weekend we found what appeared to be a murder scene. In the end, it was only that Nikita had gotten a small cut on her tongue from breaking a window and proceeded to drink a ton of water and run from window to window watching for us, drooling blood all the while. Little did we know how much worse it could get.

Most people wonder why we kept her and dealt with things like coming home to find our freezer empty and thawing food hidden all over the house. Or sweet and sour sauce paw prints next to the Chinese take out menu with the phone off the hook. (I’m not kidding. It really did happen.) But Nikita was the master of Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde. When we were home, she looked like she does in this picture.  She enjoyed long walks and napping. When we were out on a walk and my asthma would flare up she’d come check on me every few yards. Fireworks made her tremble in fear and she’d never leave my side if I was crying.

I loved her with all my heart. Some day I’ll have a dog again. But for now, I’m still recuperating from dear, sweet, crazy Nikita.

Now. If you’ve stuck with me reading all of my sappy puppy love story then you deserve a reward. And I deserve an award. A Kreativ Blogger award that is.

I’m utterly honored and really quite blown away that Lorraine over at Ikat Bag has seen fit to bestow this award on me. Me?! I mean her energy to complete projects is astounding. I only wish I could keep up.

I know I’m supposed to tag and nominate others now as a result of the meme and the award, but I like to break the rules. How about my 3 of my favorite Ikat Bag posts instead?



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3 03 2009

sweet nikita… you’re words really describe her well. she was a gem and she had a great home. sigh.

3 03 2009

Hi Anna,

Am so sorry the link to your blog on my award post was mis-typed! I only realized it today and corrected it so now it works. Thanks for playing along with the award thing and for telling your readers about my posts! I know these awards and tags are often hard work and I was so hesitant to pass it on to other people, much as I loved their blogs because they’d have to “do work” too. But your blog is full of good stuff – family and crafts and ideas and happiness and some bittersweet stories, like this one.

We had a dog too – my only one, actually – and we haven’t gotten another yet either. How we loved her too, even with her slightly-off temperament.

Loved the pudding idea for painting, too! I suspect I’m going to have to try it out with the youngest because she’s watching her elder sisters paint and she so WANTS to, as well. But she’s also at the stage of eating everything, so the pudding is perfect!

3 03 2009

Now that’s character — rescues can be so quirky and lovable — thanks for the good laugh (frozen food?? chinese takeout?? OMG!). We have a shelter adopted cat whose snores are of biblical proportion, but we wouldn’t trade him for the world. The time we get with our pets is short but oh so memorable and rewarding, on both sides, I think.

3 03 2009
painted fish studio

a great tribute to nikita. while she’s missed, she’s up there in doggie heaven, raiding refrigerators and gorging on goodies.

3 03 2009

the blood was dramatic, but the one that really stands out in my mind is the can of hershey’s chocolate syrup.

3 03 2009

oh yeah, and the dashboard.

4 03 2009

Sounds like you could have written, Marley and Me.” Funny how we put up with “bad” dogs. We had one of those too!

21 03 2009

Oh my gosh I love this dog too, we had a dog that every trash day you could count on picking up a neighbors trash because our dog would have gotten into it and strewn it up and down the street. Completely aggrivating but how can you stay mad at them when they love you so unconditionally and leave you with such humorous stories to tell.

23 04 2009
UK lass in US

I think that our eldest dog was annoyed that he wasn’t invited to our wedding as a pup. Every chance he got, he would destroy something wedding related (the negatives, the top layer of the cake, a bag, half of the things that we had packed for our honeymoon weekend…). My mother-in-law was upset that she wasn’t invited either, but at least she didn’t chew things up…

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