Two Repeat Wycinanki

9 03 2009

Inspired by Jackie to peak into the world of papercutting I tried my hand at my first wycinanki. Wichi-what? It’s just the Polish term for paper cutting. But since I’m half Polish I like the term. And chickens.  This little single fold paper cut is based off a design in Folk Art Designs to Color or Cut by Ramona Jablonski. I had no idea before Jackie mentioned it that I could find designs to copy and cut. It’s fun and I want to do another. And another. This one I did completely with scissors. I wonder how I’d do if I got off my lazy bum and pulled out an x-acto to try something a little more complicated? I can tell you this one was more difficult that I expected. I want to do little ones to put on cards and big ones to frame. Oh, I can tell this could be dangerous.




11 responses

9 03 2009

Great job! In the fall, we did a study on Hans Christian Anderson and loved all of his paper cuttings. Yours reminded me of him.

10 03 2009

Very cool!

10 03 2009

watch out….I sense an addiction coming on!

10 03 2009

its lovely!

11 03 2009
painted fish studio

how fun! and i love the colors together…

12 03 2009

very pretty anna…the colors together make my eyes jump…but i love them, so spring like!! (ahhh….spring, where are you anyway ?)

12 03 2009

Oh so pretty. I really like those colors together!

15 03 2009

With only scissors! Those little cut-out triangles, too? Now that’s skill. It turned out really nice. Do more! More!

15 03 2009

P.S. Forgot to add: Isn’t the weather today lovely? Tra la la! Hope you had a nice day outdoors rather than indoors crafting. Have a great week!

15 03 2009

Don’t forget to check out kirigami – folding and cutting. Sounds like it will be right up your alley. I find it wonderfully addicting, soothing, creative!

21 03 2009

Trust me it will be very dangerous. And I’ve approached it the complete opposite way – the exacto knife only, but thinking I need to invest in a really good pair of tiny sharp scissors to make better curved cuts.
Love this design!

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