Subconcious Inspiration

17 03 2009

So I’m thinking chickens and trees are common images in Polish artwork. So what I’m about to say isn’t quite as coincidental as it may appear. I still found it interesting.

I completely don’t remember this piece shown above. Apparently it was up in my parents house while I was growing up. It hasn’t been up for a long while, which explains my lack of memory. I found a Polish book in parent’s house this last weekend and recognized the word wycinanki. Mentioning this to my mom who had not seen my last post, she pulls out this red papercut. Three guesses where I got the subconcious inspiration for my 1st paper cut?




10 responses

17 03 2009

What a fabulous connection, Anna!
You are a born paper cutter!
Amazing work!

18 03 2009
Mom and Kiddo

It’s amazing how images from childhood stay with us. Makes me wonder about the images that my sons will keep in the back of their minds.

18 03 2009

so cool.
did you bring the red one home with you?
I love it.

18 03 2009

cool…. love the three chickens hanging around on the right :)

18 03 2009

have a little chicken envy right now. love the forgotten childhood inspiration.

18 03 2009
painted fish studio

is there anything your mom hasn’t tried?! :)

19 03 2009

I just wanted to let you know that I’m having a giveaway for one of those Obama bags you wanted!! :)) AT Wishing Penny :))

21 03 2009

the mind is a funny thing. amazing how they are so similar. both you and your mother are amazing paper cutters.

21 03 2009

Ooooohhh, yea did you bring it home?? I would have! I’m really drawn to the red and white, and I’ve always loved red and white quilts too.

22 03 2009

Stunning! All those little fine lines. I’d have clumsily cut them off by accident if I did any papercuts. But I remember Dad bringing a papercuts book home from the library (and they were so beautiful!) and he made some. They were Chinese ones, I think. I was always amazed at the intricacy of this art. And I really like how they are found in so many other cultures. Lovely!

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