What I’ve Been Up To

29 03 2009

Let’s start with this poor shot of me. It’s poor because what I was really trying to take a picture of is the lovely scarf from Martha. I’ve had it for just over a week and already worn it to work twice. It’s lovely. The color, the texture, the length – it makes me happy.  She has more for sale here. I’d love one of her ink blot shirts but am on a strict clothing monetary diet until I see some significant headway in the weight department.

Then there was sending the kids to school in rain gear with mitten & hats while it was snowing because by midday it would be in the upper 40s. Wacky crossover spring weather we’ve been having.

The only creating I’ve been up to is trying to finish knitting easter baskets, which is what I should be doing right now. The thing is, this the 1st night in days where I’m up past 9pm. The hubby has been out of state for business, day care closed due to the providers illness and then I ended up with a fever! It was a tough couple of days I don’t mind telling you. I won’t go on and on about the nasty details. I do think the kids rather enjoyed it though. I didn’t harp on them to clean up; I fed them only things that were easy to cook, required no grocery shopping and that I knew they would eat; and lastly I let them watch as many videos online and off as they wanted. No joke. I was barely able to sit up, so as long as they weren’t brandishing knives I was satisfied. If I was a single mom I’d have to live closer to relatives so I could enlist their help in moments such as this. I mean Seth watched no less than 10 episodes of vintage Transformers cartoons and umpteen million product reviews. Did you know there are actually adults who buy toys and do serious detailed youtube video reviews of them? Seth was enthralled. Scary visions of the future, I tell ya.

I finally did get the kids and myself outside for some fresh, albiet chilly, air and some sunshine. Of course, all I could do was lay on the ground in the middle of the yard a take pics of the sky. My it was pretty.




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30 03 2009

Oh you poor thing. Big hugs. It seriously sucks when you feel like death warmed up and you have take care of one who is full of beans. Two?? I am in awe, I have found a new hero. I love the scarf. Wish the value of both the Aussie and Sing dollar wasn’t so low. I woul really love to buy some of Martha’s cool creations!!

30 03 2009

Hope you are feeling better. Love the idea of you laying on the ground taking photos. Don’t you know there are a whole host of neighbors – yours, mine, lots of other bloggers – that think they are some loony people the live next to. :D

30 03 2009
painted fish studio

loving the scarf… sorry to hear you were so ill! i had no idea, but then again, i tend to be a hermit.

30 03 2009

glad you survived!
I tried about 6 times to find a moment to stop by with some food, but our weekend was swamped.
glad you like your scarf.

and jen -you’ll get yours soon….

31 03 2009
painted fish studio

i’m really loving this photo of you… everytime i see it, i think, damn, what a great photo of anna.

26 04 2009

You are gorgeous.

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