Doorway Puppet Theater

1 04 2009

Unbelievable that I haven’t posted this yet. My sis made it for the kids – a fabric puppet theater that hangs in the doorway via a tension rod. There have been several performances, mostly when we have dinner guests.

The pattern is out of Bend The Rules Sewing by Amy Karol of Angry Chicken fame. I was going to make it for the kids myself until my mother not so subtly told me not to. Realistically she didn’t have anything to worry about as project completion is not my strong suit.

Ellie even made a lovely matching storage case for it.

Someday I’d love to see a tall basket in the sunroom with this sticking out of it, another version that’s basically a white sheet for shadow puppet shows and a whole passel of puppets.




7 responses

1 04 2009

My sister and I had a homemade version of that growing up and LOVED it. Does it have pockets on the other side to hold all the puppets?

2 04 2009

I made a puppet theater out of an old bookshelf, but it was really heavy and took up a lot of room.
I am going to get on this project post haste, I love puppet shows!

2 04 2009
painted fish studio

very cool. much better than the old bedsheet we would use. s & e have a wonderful aunt!

3 04 2009

i really need one of these for the school. they’re great, aren’t they?

3 04 2009

So cute!

6 04 2009

Nice puppet theater–and nice puppet! I love the Wild Things!

7 04 2009

fantastic. something I need to get making for miss CT and may be encouraging her to use her finger puppets more…..

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