Quilting Tour

6 04 2009

I was inspired to document the family quilts that last time I was at my mom’s house. The lighting was poor for the little time I was there. Even so, the number of pictures I took was daunting. I just got so excited by the details and the history of it all I took entirely too many pictures.

I’ve never quilted but I’m fascinated by it. Someday I’d like to give it a go, but for now I’ll keep to small projects. My mother has done some fabulous quilting including this cowboy quilt for Seth. I believe this quilt is the reason Seth has commented on how his Grandma is MUCH better at sewing than his mom. While this may be true, did he need to say it with so much emphasis right in front of me?

Anyway, back to the lineage. My grandma did not quilt to my knowledge. She was much too much of a 50’s modern woman for that. Her sister however, did try her hand resulting in the Dresden Plate quilt you see above that was completed in 1927. (I just love how some quilts are signed & dated. Making a mental note now to do so if I ever make one.) The true quilter of the family, however, was my great grandmother. The rest of the quilts in this post are hers.

There’s the Flower Basket quilt:

The Crown of Thorns quilt:

A couple very tattered, well loved quilts from my mother and uncle’s childhood beds:

A postage stamp baby quilt. (pretty sure my mom didn’t show this one to me until I had no use for a baby quilt on purpose)

Another postage stamp quilt, but just the top with a note to my mother:

But wait. I’ve saved the best one for……….. the next post. I mean, how many photos can I put in one single post after all? I promise it’s the best one of all. I think I took as many pics of it as I did of all the rest.




7 responses

6 04 2009

That’s a lot of crinkly cotton goodness — and I love that wattle fence!

6 04 2009

What a treasure trove!
None of my ancestors were quilters, but my mom (also a Nancy, by the way) has some great embroidery from great-grandma Bertha.

7 04 2009

Wow what treasures. My mother will be the first in the line of quilters in our family and what a legacy she will leave. Funny how your mum showed you the baby quilt after you had your quilts….. All amazing. Can’t wait to see what little quilt projects you make, after all quilts don’t just have to be for beds and you have so much spare time on your hands too…. ;)

7 04 2009

I love these!! It is crinkly cotton goodness! I’m always drawn to the old patchworky quilts with the white backgrounds. Looking forward to the other one (I think I might have a hint of what it will be, my lips are sealed.)

7 04 2009
painted fish studio

beautiful. no one, and i mean no one, in my family quilted. guess that’s why i know nothing about sewing! but i wish we had some gorgeous heirlooms to treasure.

8 04 2009

You mean it gets better? How is that possible?mThey are all so lovely.

9 04 2009

heeeeyyy!! i want to see more!! what a beautiful show & tell. i love getting up close on the photo to see all the vintage fabric patterns. beautiful anna…every one of them.

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