Easter Baskets

13 04 2009

From this:

To this:

To this:

I purchased the yarn a year ago with no where near enough time to whip up these easter baskets. So happy I finally completed them this year. I was able to knit and felt all 4 in about 2 months which is somewhat of a mirracle for me.

I have this silly notion that maybe these will become heirlooms like my grandmother’s quilts. Pulled out at easter every year, cherished memories, lovingly stored away for the years to come. I’m sure they won’t have the fortitude of a hundred year old quilt. But maybe, just maybe my kids will want to take them with them when starting their own  family some day.

I’d love to show you a great picture of them all gussied up for the big event but a late night, slightly blurry, mom’s so tired from staying up late to do this shot will have to do. Especially since there was no way I was waking up before the kids after staying up late to finish a few last minute crafts, namely  Sarah of Mrs. D. Lighful’s jelly bean bracelets and CraftPad’s bunny finger puppets. Both a big hit and both took me longer than expected.

Click on the picture to get more details of the contents. Seth’s favorite? The sunflower seed packet – be still my gardening mama heart.

Update – Silly me! I forgot to mention where I got the pattern: A Second Treasury of Magical Knitting by Cat Bordhi. The pattern is crazy different but that’s part of what makes it fun.




8 responses

13 04 2009

Anna, these are gorgeous! I love how ROUND they are- all fat and jolly and full of good stuff. That dark bluey-greeny one is my favorite. Someday when I find the time (guffaws) to felt stuff, please can I email you for some help? I want all my projects to turn out looking like yours!

14 04 2009

I’ve never seen baskets quite like those! They’re beautiful and unique! Hope the kids LOVED them!

14 04 2009
painted fish studio

they’re perfect! and i know they’ll be treasured for years and years to come.

15 04 2009

Oh, I love these! I am forwarding this on to my knitting friend who will die for these! I bet she will whip them up for next year!

20 04 2009

very cool… Great ideas.

23 04 2009
UK lass in US

Wow – they are great. They should become heirlooms – if I can treasure my grampy’s old veneer rose bowl, future generations should definitely treaure those…

25 04 2009

Really those are amazing, and I have no doubt they will become a well loved family tradition to be handed down someday. Love that Seth’s favorite was a packet of seeds – what a great idea for the Easter basket!

26 04 2009

Those are the cutest Easter baskets I’ve ever seen. Seriously! I’ve got them on my personal radar for next year for sure. Nice job!

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