Easter Synopsis

15 04 2009

Happy Easter everyone! We had a great weekend and I finally got around to culling through my pics to share with you. There was egg dyeing with a little crayon resist on Saturday. Eleanor was not at all patient with this process. She’d make one 1/2 inch crayon mark and announce “That’s eee ’nuff!”, insist on plopping the eggs in the dye herself and almost immediately yell “That’s eee ’nuff!” and want to remove them from the dye. Most of the eggs she did were extremely pale.  All of Seth’s eggs ended up some variant of green. Once he found out you could dip in more than one color though, things started to get more interesting.

Sunday morning started with the easter baskets I already told you about. Here’s Seth’s showing off his favorite item received (a packet of sunflower seeds) and Eleanor with the finger puppet I made (inspired from here) on her head. I do not know why she’s wearing it on her head. I turned around and there it was. She kept it there for a good 10 minutes. Maybe it was in protest because I made them a tad too small so they’re a bit hard to put on.

Then there was the egg hunt outdoors. I tried to get away from the plastic eggs, but I ran out of energy and it was the one thing Seth remembered from last year and was looking forward to. I ended up  doing a combo of plastic eggs and the real eggs we had dyed.

Seth was fast as lightning so hard to photograph and Eleanor spent a lot of time picking herself back up because she kept tripping when she saw an egg. She was that excited.

Finally we went for a hike to look for signs of spring. I’m hoping the hike becomes one of our easter traditions as it was probably my favorite part. I had snuck a copy of The Best Hikes of the Twin Cities by Kate Havelin into Steve’s easter basket so we picked a hike out of there and set off.

By the end of the day we were tired and happy. How was your Easter?




6 responses

16 04 2009

Where did you end up hiking? It looks lovely.
That is so on the list for tomorrow.

16 04 2009
16 04 2009
painted fish studio

what a great easter! i ate a bag of mini nestle crunch bars for breakfast easter morning.

17 04 2009

we almost always do a little hike or walk on most holidays. love the last pic with the funny faces!

when you have a chance, could you measure the length of your favorite belt to acyderatgmaildotcom? thx and happy weekend!

25 04 2009

Love your pictures – especially the one where they are peeking into to the hollow tree!

26 04 2009

Hi! I’m stopping by via Jess’ blog. Sounds like you had a lovely Easter Day! I’ve gotta check out that book, too, as we also live in the Twin Cities and are always on the lookout for good places to walk and hike.

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