Happy Mother’s Day!

8 05 2009

From the card my son brought home for me from day care. I love it when she does these. Seth’s answers in quotes, my thoughts in parentheses:

What is your mom’s name? “Anna” (good start)

What does she do? “Usually she watches TV” (Huh? Rarely when he’s awake. Only when I’m sick.)

How old is she? “She never told me but maybe I think she’s 6 inches tall” (giggle)

How does Daddy call Mom? “Anna!”

What is her favorite color? “purple & pink” (ummm… more like my least favorite – I think this is gender stereotypes already)

What is her favorite food? “Eggs” (well, not my favorite but they are good)

What is her favorite movie or TV show? “commercials” (according to he teacher he didn’t even need to think about this one, interesting.)

How many brothers and sisters does she have? “Auntie Ellie and her mom & dad” (Sorry L!)

Where does she like to take you for fun? “the playground”

What message doyou want to send to her for Mother’s Day? “I love you!” (Sigh.)

Even better? He drew me this picture. The first with a person!!!! Well, technically it’s a monster. Very appropriate don’t you think? Unfortunately, it was really hard to photograph. That green scribble that looks yellow? Well, that’s a green slime blob. Also appropriate.

And just in case you were wondering where I’ve been – my computer died. Getting to know the new one. 

I missed you all! Happy Mother’s Day!




11 responses

9 05 2009
Mom and Kiddo

A child’s perception of his mom can be be very interesting! I’m loving that monster.

9 05 2009

What a great card!! Isn’t the perception our kids have of us funny??

9 05 2009

Oh Ps Happy Mother’s Day to you too.

9 05 2009

so funny!
it’s like mother’s day mad libs:)
happy mother’s day!

10 05 2009

I love all those answers! Particularly the 6 inches tall one!! Happy Mother’s Day!

11 05 2009

i think i may try to give this quiz to my kiddo and see how he fares! so cute….

11 05 2009

I just hope you could pull yourself away from the tv and all your favorite commercials to give that boy a hug! What a sweet and funny tribute to you!

11 05 2009
UK lass in US

The question and answer sessions always crack me up. My daughter brought home paper flowers from preschool, but was very reluctant to give them up and hand them over to me.

Ok, I’ll let you get back to watching the tv now…

11 05 2009
painted fish studio

great job, seth! :)

14 05 2009

wonderful stuff, all of it!
Now take your tiny six inch self and go eat eggs while watching commercials on the TV in your lovely pink & purple togs with your buddies the amorphous green slime dude and his partner in crime Monster Boy…

18 05 2009

You are a “medium sized” mom so what do you expect?! Too funny! At least he’s not calling you a monster-I think mine does but he’s 15 ;) Enjoy the innocence!!! I love reading your blog to remind me what they used to be like! :)

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