Wool Roving

19 05 2009

For mother’s day I left the family behind and went to the Shepherd’s Harvest Sheep & Wool festival for the 1st time with Jen.  It was chilly but that’s a good thing when one is perusing wool. I didn’t have any projects in mind but was willing to spend money so I bought myself some pretty enameled copper earrings from here and a bag of beautiful roving from here that is literally bursting at the seams. There is 16 oz of 50 different colors! The only question now is, what in the world should I make with all this yummy roving? Any ideas?





5 responses

19 05 2009
Mom and Kiddo

Love those cheerful colors. I never picked it up — I am more of an embroidery person, but I remember my mother spinning and carding wool. She wove a beautiful rug with many different natural un-dyed browns. However, I do not use it on the floor with two boys to ruin it!

19 05 2009

All I know is that Seth likes green….how much green is in that bag??

19 05 2009
painted fish studio

if i ever get around to planning a wet felting pARTy, you could make a scarf!

20 05 2009

Ohhh this looks like it was fun. I am so not a knitter but becoming an okay crocheter. Jen’s wet felted scarf sounds really good!!

23 05 2009

How cool! That bag of colored roving is awesome. Oh, the possibilities!

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