Easiest Jacket Ever

4 06 2009

Yeah! I sewed something! Ever since my mom got me Amy Karol’s Bend the Rules Sewing and I saw this fabric last November I’ve been wanting to make this jacket for Eleanor. I’ve been trying to avoid buying more craft stuff. I have way too much as it is. I also have a terrible habit of buying all the supplies for a project and then never doing it. I tell you I have boxes of never started projects.

Since, this pattern is sized at 18 months I further though for sure  I’d never make it before she grew out of it. Interestingly, at 2 Eleanor is just now wearing 18 month clothing. Yes, she’s tiny – here’s her stats from her 2 year well child check up a couple weeks ago:

Weight – 13th percentile

Height – 9th percentile

Head circumference – 96th percentile!!

Makes me laugh every time I say it. Seth was always low weight, upper height, huge head. I have big headed children. What can I say? Some days I think they have big brains, some days thick skulls. Whatever it is, it explains why I always have to reknit neck opening a bit larger.

OK, back to the jacket. This couldn’t be simpler. Forgot to enlarge the pattern on a copier before hand so my encouraging mother and I did some measuring and math to create a newspaper pattern. It’s one cut piece on a double folded fabric. Just sew up the underarm seams and add the neck binding. The neck binding was a little tricky and honestly, I didn’t do that good of a job. Since the mess up is on the inside and no-one will ever see it other than Internal Gal, I squashed the instinct to pull out the seam ripper. And boy am I glad I did. After 2 weeks I don’t give a care that you can see stitches you’re not supposed to see on the INSIDE. I’m just happy it looks cute, fits, Eleanor likes it and I completed a sewing project!! In fact, I like it so much I plan on finding another cute knit fabric to make this up a size  for fall.




12 responses

4 06 2009

That is the best photo I have ever seen.
What a happy little lady.

4 06 2009

I think Miss E was very impressed with the jacket you made her. It looks so sweet on. I bet it would look pretty smart in a printed cordory as well. ;)

Would you be willing to send me a copy of your pattern?? I am feeling very lazy and my Amy Karol book is goodness only knows where in this whole move. Let me know what I can send in return.

5 06 2009

quick and easy is the best.
I bet this will still fit in the fall too.
hey -I’m getting rid of a ton of fabric on saturday at our garage sale -stop by, there is probably a bunch that would make cute jackets.

5 06 2009
Mom and Kiddo

So cute! (Both kid and jacket!). When I was a kid I would have loved this jacket as I wanted everything I owned to have strawberries on it!

5 06 2009
painted fish studio

omg, so cute! and congrats on finishing — it’s so dang adorable.

8 06 2009

Ps CT’s percentages are pretty much the same.

8 06 2009

You mean cutest jacket ever! That’s adorable. I made one of these from Amy’s book and it really is a fun and fast project. And cute, especially in that fabric. You’re going to get so much use and pleasure out of this. Good for you for getting back on the machine.

8 06 2009

yeay! you did it, it looks lovely, and doesn’t she look happy :) her hair is looking pretty good too, love ya!

8 06 2009

Oh my she is totally adorable in that jacket! But forget it I’m never falling for the old “this is the easiest thing to sew ever” trick – because when it comes to sewing garments I could screw up something that only required one straight hem.

11 06 2009

oh it looks absolutely adorable!

19 06 2009

Oh my God, your little girl looks so sweet in that jacket! Adorable!!! Great job.

25 06 2009

Nice job! I love the fabric! And she looks pretty darn cute in it!

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