Knitted Summer Tank

16 06 2009

Finally, I can show you the tank I knitted Eleanor for her birthday back in May. Unfortunately I knit it a full size too big. I was worried she’d grow out of it too fast, but I think it would have lasted her through the year had I done the 18 month size. Better too big than too small, right? The downside is she wasn’t a big fan of it when she first put it on. Fortunately, I think she’s come around.

Pattern: Lion Brand Child’s Beach Top (you do have to register but they don’t overwhelm with emails)

Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Fantasy Naturale

Ravelry: here




3 responses

16 06 2009

Sweet Sweet Sweet!

17 06 2009

I love little slipovers like these, they’re so practical for northern weather when it’s cool for part of the day and hot for the rest. It’s a perfect May birthday present from your mama!
You know, Kat is never thrilled with knitted clothes at first either but if I can get her to wear something for a few minutes, she’ll usually forget about it and let it stay on. Not the “I love it!” I hope for, but I’ll take it.

19 06 2009

Really, that is just incredible! I’m impressed

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