Girly Aprons

21 06 2009

Ever since Sew Fab Martha made me my first girly apron, I’ve been hooked. I wear it every day and finally decided to branch out. I picked this one up last month from Jessie at Thistle Patch Design while perusing Johnstock. I think it’s even girlier and I love it. Especially as it’s very flattering to my ample shape. For some reason aprons make a world of difference in my attitude when it comes to kitchen duties.




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22 06 2009

Every day I am in the kitchen cooking and I think, I should make myself an apron. And, every day I don’t make myself one.
This needs to be the next thing I do.
Yours is quite girly and cute!

22 06 2009

Absolutely, aprons are feminine and flattering. I have a little collection going, with a few vintage ones too (but I don’t wear those for cooking). There are lots of holiday photos of me with an apron on, because I’m always in the kitchen preparing things! :) They are so easy to make, and every time I’ve given one as a gift the recipient was pleased.

22 06 2009
painted fish studio

oh, an apron like that would inspire me to cook/bake up a storm!

22 06 2009
Mom and Kiddo

A lovely apron! The fabric is so cheerful. I don’t sew anything other than a straight seam but I love the apron my mom made for me from my grandmother’s vintage linen tablecloth.

23 06 2009

Awwww…. that totally made my day to hear you have worn out your apron! Love the new apron,… a bit more stylin’!!!

25 06 2009

I think by putting on an apron – it feels like you are choosing to cook instead of having the deed foisted upon you, because like you’re the mom and the mom HAS to cook. Instead you put on the apron and it’s like saying today I am choosing to cook and to look damn fine while I’m doing it!

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