Western Sculpture Park

22 06 2009


I’ve been taking lunch walks lately and one of the places I’ve been frequenting is Western Sculpture Park run by Public Art Saint Paul. The good – it’s peaceful and has some nice sculptures to look at. The bad – not so nice neighborhood, horribly cared for landscaping, surrounded by low income apartments. It’s very rare that I see other people at the park, but even so I always feel like I’m being watched from the apartments. That said, I’ll go back next week. It’s a great place for bench monday photos. For that matter, I may even be there tomorrow if I can brave the heat. There will be free art events with an environmentally friendly content through out the summer on certain Tuesdays and Saturdays. Locals should check out the details and download a schedule here. I think I’ll stop by on the Tuesdays during my lunch and also try to bring the kids to a couple of the Saturday events. Here’s a quick peak:

  • 6/23 – rabbit wraps, cement discs, storytelling & creative writing
  • 6/27 – painting & bridge construction
  • 7/7 – pot decorating & planting
  • 7/18 – african song & dance
  • 7/21 – fabric sculptures
  • 7/25 – storytelling, song, movement & recycled bugs
  • 8/4 – metal stamping & poetry
  • 8/15 – t-shirt rugs & bucket drumming
  • 8/18 – textile art & cardboard yurts
  • 8/22 – spider marionettes

What do you think the people in the apartments are thinking when I come with my flat fold tripod, setting it up only to hit the timer and jump on top of a bench?




6 responses

23 06 2009
painted fish studio

what a gem! I can’t believe i’ve never been there. i think a bike ride is in order!

(and who cares what people think as you set up the tripod and jump up onto surfaces… you’re getting great shots!)

23 06 2009

I’m sure you’ve got them guessing!! Maybe even blogging!!

25 06 2009

I want to live in a city for a while so I can take in cool things like this park and all of the events!
I think the people in the apartments are intrigued by this obviously cool, avant garde person with her tripod and camera. They are wondering where you will be exhibiting your art photos……

29 06 2009

(i think i have that skirt)

8 07 2009

I would love to hear about the storytelling and recycled bugs. Do you have any links that I could visit? I found your site when I was looking up space birthday party ideas for my son. Your kids are so lucky to have such a fun mom. I added your site to my FB page.

8 07 2009

A bit of confusion – I added the Kids Craft Weekly site to my FB page. I’d like to follow your blog too. Can I add it to my blogspot page?

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