Kennedy Space Center

25 07 2009

Why is it when I stop posting I find it so hard to start up again? I have so much to share with you but summer carries me away.  Here’s what started it all. A trip to Florida to visit relatives. For me it was all about walks on the beach, for Seth it was NASA, for Eleanor it was the zoo.  But really, all 4 of us enjoyed every minute. Taking advantage of Seth’s interests, we spent 2 days at Kennedy Space Center. I highly recommend it. There’s something for everyone.

Seth got to meet a real astronaut and as we were in the short line to get his autograph Seth whispered to me “when did he shrink back down to normal size?” Such innocence and sincerity in his eyes. He was enthralled with everything, memorizing rocket names and touching, touching, touching. 

Would I go again? You bet. He’s got a lot to think about for now, but there was so much he missed because he can’t read yet.  Besides, he’s already declared that space camp is in his future and who am I to deny him?



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28 07 2009
painted fish studio

what a great trip! and even tho Seth can’t read yet, he’ll definitely remember all of it.

28 07 2009

A future astronaut – cool! There is something so contagious about kids being excited about things and new discoveries. Then somehow school gets ahold of them and just knocks it right out of them (sorry, a little bit of ranting slipped in). Glad you all had such a fantastic time!
It is hard to get back into the blogging groove. I was thinking about taking Aug. off, but I might never return……

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