Beach Knitting

28 07 2009

I did manage to get a little knitting in while on vacation.  Some on the beach, but most in our rooms or the car. Had I not 2 little sea urchins to look after I would have sat longer with the needles, under the umbrella, listening to the waves. Ahhhh…..

These were given to my mother-in-law for her birthday that week. The larger green one from Seth, the little purple one from Eleanor. Appropriate, no? I knitted them right in front of her and almost got away without even saying what they were. But I kept it a secret that they were for her. Shhhh…. don’t tell her but there’s a mistake on the green one. I must have gotten distracted by the feel of the sand on my toes and miscounted. There was a time deadline and it’s not that apparent so I let it slide. No one knows but you and me.

Both patterns came from Knit Dishcloth Corner, a little site chalk full of knitted dishcloth patterns. All in French, but most translated to English. Unfortunately, you can only view the patterns in Internet Explorer. C’est la vie. I found these patterns through Ravelry, which I must say is an excellent place to pattern peruse if nothing else.

Purple – Muguets (Lily)

  • Lily Sugar’n Cream yarn
  • 4 repeats
  • Ravelry data here

Green – Vignes (Vineyard)

  • Lily Sugar’n Cream yarn
  • 3 repeats
  • Ravelry data here 

Now. I just need to make some for myself.




4 responses

29 07 2009

Wow what a great pressie. love those sneaky types that you make under the recipients noses. I wish I could see the mistake on the green one. They look absolutely perfect!!

29 07 2009
painted fish studio

knitting on the beach sounds so wonderful! yes, you definitely need to make so dishcloths for yourself!

31 07 2009

This are nice — I like practical, small things as travel projects and presents. Clever you didn’t have to pack them for the return trip, either!

Neat site. The irony of course is that I can read French, but I’m on a Mac so no IE… lol!…

(still recovering from vacation, MIL visiting, K’s birthday etc…. I’m so waaaaay behind everything!)

18 08 2009

shoot! i’m on the library computer and the photos aren’t coming through. but knitting on the beach sounds devine! wonder if they have crochet patterns for dishcloths?

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