The Case of the Incredible Shrinking Pillowcase

27 08 2009

I’m so back blogged it’s ridiculous. Is it just summer or have I lost my blogging mojo? I’m guessing it’s just summer. Time will tell. But I will not forgive myself if I do not show you this soon. So here I go. It’s a skirt I made. Me. Of my own design. 

Crazy, I know! Granted making clothing out of pillowcases is not a new idea. But still. I figured it out on my own. No tutorial, no pattern, just me and my noggin.

What’s up with the title of the post you ask? Well, it was my inspiration for the idea. You see, Seth has some snugly knit sheets to go with his quilt. But for some reason every time I washed them the pillowcase got smaller and smaller. I tried adding snaps to the end to keep it around the pillow but eventually it got to be about 2 inches shorter than the pillow. Weird, I know.

So I snipped off half the pillowcase, made a waist edge casing for some elastic on the cut end and took a queue from House on Hill Road’s Twirly Skirt for a little side tie. I wanted the tied to come out a button hole, but couldn’t figure out my button holing mechanism. So I reminded my self this skirt would last at most for the summer as it would continue to shrink and I simply made a little snip in the fabric. Walla! Of course, then I found the instruction manual for the sewing machine. I put it in a safe spot for the next time I have a button hole emergency.

Fortunately, as you can see the little squirt likes the skirt. Unfortunately, I don’t let her wear it that often because silly me forgot to account for added diaper butt inches. Ah well, I’m still proud.




9 responses

28 08 2009

This is so sweet! And, love the quilt.

28 08 2009

totally cute! your talent abounds. :)

28 08 2009

Oh that’s so cute! And soft, I’ll bet. The tie makes it. Good job. I like rescuing odd bits of fabric — and a shrinking pillowcase is certainly odd.

28 08 2009
Mom and Kiddo

When I see posts like this I think, maybe I should learn to sew more than just a straight seam. Then I could make cute things like this person! I have to remind myself that I have tried that before and I should just stick to straight seams. Lol.

28 08 2009
painted fish studio

it is so cute! and love that it’s your design.

(why does summer need to be so hectic?! i cannot wait to slow down. soups simmering on the stove in the afternoon while knitting… sounds like heaven.)

30 08 2009

Very cute, Anna! And so smart to use a pillowcase for a gathered skirt, not just a dress!

30 08 2009

It’s perfect. I love the tie on the side and the way little missy spread out the skirt for the photo shoot. I even love a little diaper bulge/peek.

31 08 2009

fantastic little project. hey it’s amazing when they decide they are “big kids” and there are no more baby pants what fits again. so i’d be holding onto that skirt for next year. besides, you could find some more knit or add a light weight cotton ruffle to add length (as for a few years their little waists don’t change too much in girth).

btw good to see you back in your space too.

3 09 2009

Love that little Eleanor in the quite fashionable shrinking pillow case.

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