Collaborative Scribble Art

31 08 2009

Shhhhh…… I may have figured out a secret about Seth and art work. Unlike Eleanor, who needs  a little coloring time to herself almost every day, Seth has no desire to color or draw by himself. He does not even want to sit next to someone doing the same thing. He wants to interact with another person, collaborate so to speak. I had tried this project once before with him but the timing must not have been right. I tried it again on one of our summer trips and boy was I surprised.

I drew the scribble you see below, making sure to join the ends so there wasn’t a hole. Then we took turns picking out a crayon and coloring in a segment. I had to color in a few sections before he became interested. I also took care not to be perfect with my coloring. I was intentionally lax with staying inside the lines and filling in all the white space. Seth can get very hung up on doing things just right (huh, wonder where he gets that from?). I wanted to make sure he understood I didn’t have any lofty expectations. I let him direct what colors we each choose and which sections we each got. I’m sure you can tell I got all the big sections, but I didn’t complain.

He got so into it he asked to do another. Only this time he wanted to do the scribble. That’s the one you see above. We did most of it in a taxi. And we were both surprised and excited when the fish appeared. Ah, good times.




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1 09 2009
Mom and Kiddo

This is a good idea. My son has also taken a long road with his artistic development. He will work side by side, but he has little interest in drawing “something” and almost all of his art is abstract. He still does a lot of scribbling. I like to encourage him by supplying materials but I try hard (sometimes not very successfully) not to ask him to make something specific.

I love that it turned into a fish.

1 09 2009

How great! I don’t do enough art with my kids.
Today is the day.
I’ve made the decision.

1 09 2009
painted fish studio

i heart collaborations!

1 09 2009

wow i wonder if that will work with ct. she’s the same as seth has no desire to make a mark on paper or will hound you with pencil in hand and ask me to draw various shapes and animals for her. great idea will see how it works tomorrow.

24 05 2011

Here I am a year and a half later to tell you Seth still enjoys this very same project!

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