A Letter to My New Teacher

3 09 2009


“My name is Seth. I am S. I collect a bunch of transformers. I have a little sister. This summer I went on a trip to NASA. I saw lots of stuff I loved. I saw a come-apart rocket there and I got it! My favorite food is fish sticks. I love rice candy. I used to go to tumbling lessons but now I don’t. Sports class is a lot of work. If wore me right out. I hope my new school has castle-building legos.”

As dictated to his current day care provider and given to his new preschool teacher. I wish I could have scanned the card. He calls it a book and it included a photo of him and drawing he did that he describes as “not anything”. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out my scanner on this particular morning. That’s ok, I’d probably end up loosing it anyway. Incidentally, this is the photo I would have chosen for his locker. Click here to see the one he chose “because it’s silly”. Ah, that boy.




7 responses

3 09 2009

Look at those big gorgeous eyes!! All the girls are going to be practicing the letter “S” for sure now…

3 09 2009
jen b

little boys rock. love the letter. :)

3 09 2009

Love that his letter is such a snippet of who he is!! Really enjoyed what you and Seth did with the no expectations coloring session too!

5 09 2009

I love the letter.

6 09 2009

Truly precious in every way! OXO

9 09 2009
painted fish studio

so sweet! and what big green eyes!

16 09 2009

I can’t believe he is in school. Is he liking it? Does it have castle building legos?

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