Green Vans

9 09 2009

What do you do when the only pair of slide on shoes you can find in your 5 year old’s size are bright white vans? Keeping in mind I’d been shopping already for 4 hours and he needed them in 2 days for school. He’s required to have some sort of slide on indoor shoe/slipper for school. And this is NOT the time of year to go slipper shopping.

Why you buy them anyway and dye them green of course. A blueish green as prescribed by said 5 year old.

I have new found respect for those that make custom color dyes. I prefer mixing paint colors where you see the progress you’re making. Not peering into a bowl of black liquid that could in fact be just about any color in the end. Phew – that was way more than I bargained for.




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10 09 2009

drat! those shoes are waaaay too small for me. love the colour and peering into dye vats and guesstimating colours can be very interesting. hope all is going well at preschool and his little sister doesn’t miss him at daycare too much.

10 09 2009

Ah see, this is when I would do something even more desperate and try to sew my own. Your way is smarter and I think they look neat. And hey, how IS school going? K left me in the dust again this morning — I am mom-chopped-liver in comparison to preschool.

11 09 2009
painted fish studio

awesome! did you paint the dye on? trying to figure out why the entire shoe didn’t turn blueish-green…

14 09 2009

Oh, you and Martha Stewart are always on top of the crafty trends arent’ you?? She had an article on doing this very thing in one of the summer editions of her mag. I bet Seth loves these! Back in the 80’s I used to do this to plain white keds, you know cuz I was cool and trendy myself – ; )

14 09 2009

anna!! these are sosososo cool!!

16 09 2009

Does he need/want anything else for school? Would love to send him something he is looking for but can’t find–by chance St Louis has it?

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