Folding Laundry

13 09 2009

Why is it I haven’t asked the kids to help fold laundry before? Seth could fold washcloths perfectly with no instructions.

Eleanor being 2 1/2 years younger needed to be shown how a couple times and aren’t as neat and tidy but who cares? They’re kitchen and bath washcloths for heavens sake. Though it was a bit aggravating that she wouldn’t stack them. Apparently each cloth needed it’s own space.

Of course, where Seth can fold a stack and keep on task, Eleanor has a limit of about 5 or 6 and then she starts doing things like rolling them.




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14 09 2009

My kids will not do that.
I have offered many times, but even at 3 1/2 Henry still just wants to knock over all the folded laundry by running through it. (I have to fold on the floor or my bed, that is part of the problem I am sure…)

14 09 2009

Love it! So simple and yet so helpful. perhaps you could make flashcards for Eleanor so she can get up to speed on the technique of stacking versus spreading….

14 09 2009
Mom and Kiddo

My husband does the laundry (lucky me!!) and I keep trying to get him to remember that my son has to at least put away his own clothes. I once showed Kiddo how to fold towels but reading your post reminds me we haven’t done it in a looooong time. Time for a refresher. I’ll have to put on my peppy voice.

I agree with Eleanor, everything and everyone needs their own special place in life.

14 09 2009

Take advantage my friend, because they soon find out that this ‘fun’ is really work and then you get to listen to whining and complaining!

14 09 2009
painted fish studio

yay for little helpers!

14 09 2009

I have L + O do this too. I’m waiting for the day when it ceases to be “fun” :)

14 09 2009

it’s a beautiful thing watching those little imitators.

16 09 2009

I also recommend having them match socks. However, now Lindsey never wears matched socks so you may want to keep it at just folding towels!!

21 09 2009

I do roll my bath washcloths-it’s easier to grab them from the basket that way. It’s way easier for me to just fold everything. My boys have to sort all the laundry, and bring it to the laundry room. It helps with colors too. We sort by whites, greys, dark pajamas & shorts, etc, dark shirts, and jeans. Then I just make sure I look at what I’m putting in the washer to make sure pockets are empty and I’m not mixing anything crazy with whites :) Kyle has helped getting things in the washer and into the dryer but has not completed the whole cycle yet. I am pretty confident that he’ll be ready for college in less than 2 years-YIKES! Enjoy them while they’re little!!

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