5 11 2009

Eleanor love, love, loves puppies. And when asked what she wanted to be for Halloween there was no hesitation – a puppy. Granted every 5th time I asked her she would change the answer to crab, but I think that was just to tease me.

I have fabulous memories of home made halloween costumes -lady bugs, witches, princesses…. I also remember my mom staying up terribly late sewing. I don’t have the energy my mom had. I admit it. And I’m not as proficient with the sewing machine. So my approach is  a toned down version and so far I’ve been able to modify store bought clothes to get the costumes my children are interested in. In this case it was an all brown outfit with some blobs of tan felt quickly sewn on and a funky hand sewn fake fur made-up-as-I-went pull on tail.

The ears were from her birthday party and I just realized all these shots were before she put her collar on. It’s made of red ribbon with a puppy charm on it and was also made for her birthday back in May.

So in the end I paid $7 for a brown sweatshirt and 62 cents for some fur for the tail. I used what we had on hand for the rest. The great thing about halloween costumes is that even though I sewed I didn’t have to sew straight or even very well. Knots on the back of the fabric and puckers in the patches were ok. She wore the shirt 3 times. It’s not an heirloom. She can use the tail and even the shirt for dress up and I wont’ be concerned if she rips it.  Or maybe I’ll take the patches off. We’ll see how it does in the wash. I think she might be mad if I take them off.




8 responses

5 11 2009

Aww, sweet little nose! This is so much better than a “character” costume and as long as the kid has imagination, a tail, a few spots and some ears are all it takes. Good job!

5 11 2009
Mom and Kiddo

I feel totally overwhelmed by the cuteness.

5 11 2009

my goodness! that first photo! she is a love. and i totally agree with you about not stressing about how you sew things for a costume. i take the same low-stress approach and it is so refreshing!

5 11 2009

cheap/low stress halloweens are good! e makes a great puppy!

5 11 2009

love the costume. simply love it. e definately looks the part. ct will be most put out if she knew there was a day you could dress and act like a puppy. shhhhhh…..

6 11 2009

She is so cute and you are so clever. :) Looks like she had a ball. What was Seth?

6 11 2009

she looks adorable!!! (of course) and you were quite inventive and thrifty…good for you anna! initially Peanut wanted to be a penguin…and i hummed and hawed about it for a good while until he came home from school one day and announced he wanted to be a red ghost!! ha! what a break for me. :)

can’t wait to see part two: Seth

7 11 2009

Woof! What a sweet puppy you have there. Love it.

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