Thanksgiving Centerpiece

24 11 2009

I had some time alone with Seth on a sunny day and we spent a good chunk of it in the backyard. I wanted to get some of the kitchen garden cleaned out and while doing so, found a few hidden clumps of dried garlic chives.  I usually try to clip the flowers off so they don’t go to seed as these things spread something fierce. However, through laziness and the cover of the tarragon and tomato plants a few clumps escaped my attentions. Seth thought they needed a vase, so I obliged and pulled out one of my favorite vases made by Rebecca and let him go to town. He carefully selected and cut to size each stem.  Sometimes he got a little carried away cutting down the stems, but that was part of the learning process and I had no attachment at the time to those flowers. Now, however, I think it makes for the perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece.




6 responses

25 11 2009

Are you hosting this year? Is the family descending? :)

25 11 2009

a little bit of flower work, eh?

25 11 2009
Mom and Kiddo

I love how simple this is. And I will try to keep my yard envy under control.

25 11 2009

K also loves doing this and garlic chives are about all that we have left this time of year too. I think they look lovely.

25 11 2009

it’s a great centerpiece! i always cut my blossoms off before they bloom, so i haven’t had a chance to see them dry.

30 11 2009

ahhh…garlic chives!! i’ve always wondered what the name of that crazy plant was…that grows in every nook and cranny and through the caulk seams next to my house and between the brick edging and in the cracks in the driveway…you make this enemy of mine look so charming!

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