27 11 2009

Appetizers – nuts, dried mango, dark chocolate covered almonds with sea salt, herb and garlic goat cheese with crackers, spinach and artichoke dip (from trader joes) with flat break (we general skip lunch and snack all afternoon)

Dinner – turkey breast, cranberries from a can, sweet potatoes (my own recipe), stewed green beans, buttermilk biscuits from scratch, gravy – can’t forget the gravy

Note the sweet extra of napkins with machine embroidered names my mom made. No more “who’s napkin is this?”.

Dessert – pumpkin pie with whipped cream and apple upside down cake

A new tradition was born this year – thanksgiving haikus made up on the spot. Here are a couple we enjoyed:

Brown bits, oh brown bits
You make gravy the greatest
Oh, burnt turkey fat

Pumpkin pie, whipped cream
Dessert is my favorite
Roll me to the couch

The kids favorite, was the canned cranberry sauce. They could have eaten it all themselves, and nearly did. So, of course, a haiku had to be written. The great difficulty here was trying NOT to make it dirty sounding. We did not succeed:

Straight out of the can
Taste, color, rings of jelly
Ribbed, red tube of joy

It was a great day. To be sure it wasn’t all roses – I had cramps, ripped my one and only pair of jeans and shattered a pot lid. But still – smiles, love and full tummies all around. The good always outweighs the bad.




7 responses

27 11 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

27 11 2009
painted fish studio

my mouth watered as i read about all of your yummy eats. mmmmm… the haikus are a great tradition-in-the-making! hope it continues. and yes, the good definitely outweighs the bad every time. especially with a smile like e’s.

27 11 2009

Thanks for sharing your thanksgiving with us!
You got some fabulous harvest lighting on your food shots, very nice.
And I love the embroidered napkins, and of course that last pic! OXO
What a fabulously creative new tradition with the haikus!
And here’s another OXO for the ripped jeans!

27 11 2009

Sounds great! And your photos are great! Did you get a new camera?

30 11 2009

yeah…your photos ARE great!

haikus…love it. we used to do the same. (Mom was once an english teacher)

30 11 2009

Don’t you just LOVE those salty, chocolaty almonds from TJ’s?!! Love your centerpiece too!!

3 12 2009

sounds like you had a wonderful holiday:)

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