3 12 2009
Sometimes I worry about how much she likes to clean. Seems a little extreme at times. But maybe that’s just in comparison to her brother.



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3 12 2009
Mom and Kiddo

No doubt you are doing everything you can to encourage her to do as much cleaning as possible!

3 12 2009

Don’t worry. When Sophia was 2 she loved to run around with the Swiffer “chasing dirt”. Now her room is a pig sty…..Eleanor will likely grow out of this…. :)

3 12 2009

Very likely! :)

3 12 2009

how nice to have a little helper!

3 12 2009

(she’ll wisen up soon enough!)

28 12 2009

Really cherish it while it lasts……..because it won’t last!!

25 02 2010
Sarah Salo

We could combine the forces of our children and start a mini-cleaning service. Dispatch them to tidy all the spots grown ups can’t reach: under tables, behind the fridge. We’ll be millionaires.

25 02 2010

Oh that’s brilliant! If only she wanted to clean when I wanted her to clean.

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