Circle Wreaths!

12 12 2009

I loved Jen’s circle wreaths so much I had to make several.

They’re shown here on my freshly painted wall in my sunroom.  The color is called african sunset and it’s made by Dutch Boy. It has zero VOCs. Zero! Can’t smell a thing. Love that.

This isn’t their final resting place. Two are going to my office and one would look lonely on this wall so I have to find another spot for it.

This would be a fun project to do with little ones. But I’ll admit I was selfish and wanted to do it by myself. However, Seth has been enjoying playing with the left over circles and foam double sided tape.




3 responses

12 12 2009
Mom and Kiddo

Love, Love, LOVE these. So simple, yet so pretty. And I love the wall color. I have a dark red wall. It’s great to be bold.

12 12 2009


13 12 2009
painted fish studio

love the new wall color! and look at all of those wreaths! they really are lovely.

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