Visiting Santa

17 12 2009

This last weekend we went to our neighborhood garden store and paid a visit to Santa. There’s no fancy set up and no photographer. It’s a bring your own camera, leave with a smile and a jingle bell event. The lines are always short, never more than a couple families in front of us and my fingers are crossed that the same Santa keeps coming back until my kids no longer believe. The store, of course, does this to bring in customers. And I, of course, bought a beautiful evergreen swag for my front door. But it’s not like I haven’t been there several times over the month buying our tree, our wreath and tree toppers. And it’s not like I won’t be going back for a few stocking stuffers.

Eleanor was willing to sit next to Santa unlike last year. Though whenever Santa looked at her she would slowly inch herself away from him. She didn’t understand the concept of asking for presents and instead told Santa how she had a baby at home. Other than a few brief interactions with him she mostly sat on the bench patiently looking a bit bored.

Seth on the other hand! Well, he had a list prepared weeks ago; carefully dictated to his father and then cut out around the end of each word. Here’s his list:

  • Any transformer
  • Toy rockets
  • More big legos
  • More little legos
  • A hot dog
  • A toy computer
  • Toy train/model train
  • A Christmas tree

You might have noticed a couple odd items on his list. Like a Christmas tree, which we already have. But more specifically a hot dog. He thought this was a mighty fine joke to pull on Santa. And our Santa, oh our Santa, played right along: “A hot dog! A hot dog!!! A HOT DOG!!! Now. Would that be a tofu pup, a wiener or a small furry canine that’s really warm?” I’m so glad he made a fuss about it. What a good Santa.



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17 12 2009

oooooo… I”m so bummed I missed him! What a treat! And tell Seth that I’d like a hot dog for Christmas as well. Love ’em.

17 12 2009

Poor ole Santa was probably delighted to have a gag gift on the list — it must get awfully boring hearing the same things over and over. He’s a fine looking Santa too. I like his holly crown.
K doesn’t get what all the fuss is about either and I’m totally okay with that. When she gets asked (by strangers usually) what’s on her list, she looks a bit puzzled and then says “a horse?” I’ve given that request to her dad — it’ll be interesting to see what he comes up with. Maybe I’ll start asking if she wants a hot dog :)

17 12 2009

good santa indeed anna…love your shots!! so much better than the ones they take FOR you! and how cute is santa in his striped stockings and holly in his hair? sure beats going the The Mall of Hysteria! by miles!!

and i’m just seeing your wreaths…well done, so festive :)

17 12 2009
painted fish studio

so cute! and seth, i’d ask for a hot dog, too. a perfect, vegetarian hot dog. that would be a great xmas gift!

18 12 2009

he looks so grown up! such a cute list.
I don’t think O really gets the whole santa thing. he hasn’t really asked for any presents but then he doesn’t really play with toys.
I think he would be ecstatic to get a set of real pots and pans or bungee cords and clamps. he only wants to play with our stuff.

28 12 2009

I gotta know -did he get the hot dog??
Past items on my kids’ lists – a gallon of pickles, deer antlers, a white tuxedo, a jar of gold, snow …..
you have to keep the lists – they are priceless!

30 12 2009

I love the Santa outfit! Nice cardigan and long johns, and what’s that taped to his pants???

30 12 2009

He he. Are you referring to the paper on his lap? If so, that’s Seth’s wish list. He cut out around each word so it’s a strange shape.

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