27 12 2009

Finally, I can show you some of what has been taking up all my time – namely knitting gifts and merry making. Though I can’t reveal all as some items haven’t reached their final destination.

To start the big reveal, my first piece of lace work. Actually, this was given a month ago but I’ve been too busy with the holidays to document it. I made this scarf/wrap/cowl for my sister. And in a funny twist of fate my mother  also made her a scarf. Only hers was white and fulled with fancy needle felting.

The fun thing about this piece is how many ways you can wear it. To see more views, take a look at the pattern. Fortunately, she liked it! Especially since it was like knitting with thread and took a bit longer than I expected.

Pattern – Wisp by Cheryl Niamath

Yarn – Cascade Kid Seta, used only 1 skein, but had to cut the pattern short

Ravelry – here




5 responses

28 12 2009

Ooooo that’s pretty! I’m queuing that one up for sure.

28 12 2009

it is so pretty! i applaud your knitting skillz!

29 12 2009
Sarah Kipling Lightner

Found you via Flickr. This is great! I love the little button!

30 12 2009

It’s gorgeous Anna! I love it, what a wonderful birthday present! Thank you… XOXOXO, Ellie

31 12 2009

Beautiful!! Love the color too.

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