ORIGAMI wrap sweater

3 01 2010

As soon as I saw Martha’s ORIGAMI wrap sweater I knew I should make one for my sister. It looked comfy and stylish. Just perfect for a teacher.

The pattern is simple. Deceptively so. At the same time, I’ll admit it took me a while to wrap my head around it. That is, until I tried to do the folds with a kleenex as another commenter on the post mentioned. Then it all clicked into place and wallah!

OK, maybe not wallah.  I was really nervous about cutting a really long straight line. Wish I had a good rotary cutter, but I don’t. I made my mother sit in the room with me as I cut for moral support. I also had left it to the end as I busily knitted away at other gifts. So 2 days before Christmas, a half hour before my sister was to arrive I sat down to sew the 3 short seams. My son, trying to be ever so helpful kept running upstairs to see if she had arrived. I hurried along and was able to finish just as she was pulling up in front of the house.

Well, sort of finished. It was inside out. Oops. I wrapped it up anyway and gave it to her Christmas morning letting her know I would fix it that day. Which I did. I ripped out the seams and sewed it up better than the 1st time. I think it looks lovely on her. Don’t you?




9 responses

3 01 2010

It does look lovely!

3 01 2010
painted fish studio

it’s fabulous! it makes me wanna make one!

3 01 2010

Gray fabric + sweater that covers my butt + versatility + warmth = something I want to make.

Thanks for posting!

4 01 2010

makes me wish I was tall blonde and young again :) LOL! She is lovely as is the sweater! I wish I could do as much as you do!!!!

4 01 2010

A gal after my own heart – running down to the wire on gift making, and making gingerbread houses after the holidays. Deadlines are for wimps!

4 01 2010

that is really a cool sweater! i love it! and who is the super model? omg, its Elly!! she looks absolutley fabulous!

4 01 2010

Thank you! I tried the sweater on myself to see if I would want to make one for myself and it doesn’t look anywhere near as cute on me as it does on her.

5 01 2010

looks great anna!! and why is it i thought you were looking into sewing lessons? guess i had that wrong!! haven’t talked to you…so happy new year!! xx

6 02 2010

That is one awesome looking origami wrap! Thanks big sis. miss you…

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