Hat #2

6 01 2010

Seth really liked the hat I had made for the neighbor girl from the left over yarn from his vest. I tried to convince him that a different pattern, color or yarn would be a good idea but he didn’t buy it. The first hat I had made barely fit on his head. Any growth what so ever and it would pop right off. So without consulting, I made the woman’s size. This is basically the same hat with one extra repeat for added length. Had I to do it over again, I would have increased the width by one repeat and only increased the length by 1/2 a repeat. But I’ll leave it as is because this way I can wear it too.

In order to prevent confusion over who’s hat is who’s on play dates I crudely embroidered his initials on the inside. In green, of course.

Pattern – Hermione’s Cable & Eyelet Hat by JL Yarnworks

Ravelry – here

I’ve heard him, no less than 3 times in the last 2 days, exclaim how much he loves his hat. So nice to be appreciated. If only he felt that way about some of the bigger projects I’ve made him, like that vest. I had a hooded vest planned for him but maybe I should stick to smaller projects for now.




4 responses

6 01 2010
painted fish studio

it’s a great hat, and looks a little complicated for me, but maybe some day!

yes, stick with the little projects. they do tend to be more appreciated than the bigger ones, for some strange reason!

6 01 2010

That’s a handsome young man and he’ll grow into that 1/2 repeat in no time.
Yes, it’s lovely to be appreciated.

6 01 2010

god he’s cute anna!! but i already knew that. you’ve been a busy gift-maker! good for you, it looks like a great hat!

8 01 2010

I love this pattern. and it looks so cute on him:)

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