Neck Gator

8 01 2010

Steve and I chose not to exchange gifts this year. The kids each got us something so it’s not like we weren’t going to get anything. And technically we pay for those gifts anyway. By doing this our money can go toward a lovely little spring project of a new front and back door on our house. Unfortunately, this decision was made after I had purchased and started knitting him a little gift. So I gave it to him anyway. It was pretty small after all.

Plus I had wanted to knit this up ever since I saw Christina’s last year. It didn’t hurt that when I had pointed out the neck gator to Steve he had immediately asked me to make him one. I just followed her simple directions and finished in less than two knitting group get togethers. Easy peasy!




4 responses

9 01 2010
painted fish studio

oooooo, love it. i have 1 fleece neck gator, and i think one should have at least 2 gators on hand. not sure if i believe that it’s easy peasy, but i may give it a shot!

11 01 2010

kinda like a scarfette…only, for guys.

i do love it and love it even better that i sat with you a while when you were knitting it :)

12 01 2010

Hey, it looks great! Isn’t Malabrigo such a squishy, wonderful thing to knit?

20 01 2010
jen b

love it. what a trooper to model it! i had no idea your man had long locks, my honey does too. :)


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