23 01 2010

One of my favorite winter smells. I found that by poking the holes for her with the pick that comes with the nutcracker, even my 2 year old could enjoy sticking the cloves into the oranges. Neither one of them completed a full orange to the extent I like to see but that wasn’t the point now, was it? They worked hard and enjoyed themselves for a good 20 minutes or more. I didn’t pay too close attention. I was busy with my own pomander after all.




3 responses

23 01 2010
Mom and Kiddo

We did this and I thought it was pretty fun. I was disappointed that the scent of pomanders didn’t really last past the initial activity. Maybe I did something wrong.

23 01 2010
painted fish studio

mmmmm… i do love the smell. the last time i did it i remember it being really hard to get the cloves in, so i haven’t wanted to do it since. i don’t have a nutcracker pokey-thing, but i do have some paper awls that might do the trick!

27 01 2010

such fine motor skill coordination for little e.

i also have fond memories of making these…they really DO smell so good.

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