Heart Crayons

8 02 2010

A little over a week ago we melted a bunch of crayons down for a little gift to go with Eleanor’s valentines. It’s not really that we had a bunch of broken crayons but more that we had a disproportionate amount of blue, purple & yellow. Of course, Seth wanted a green one, of which we had VERY little. And Eleanor wanted orange, again not a lot of extra orange but a bit. The kids had a hard time helping take the paper off though they tried. The mold is a $2 ice cube tray purchased a year ago at Ikea. Since it, of course, does not state that it’s microwave safe I was too chicken to try. So I microwaved the crayons in little batches in pyrex. This meant the kids really could only direct vs. participate but we still enjoyed it. It also meant that mixing colors was a bit more challenging. I do think it would be more fun if they got to arrange the crayons in a tin and I just popped it in the oven. I’ll just have to keep my eyes open when thrifting. You never know when a funky metal candy mold or some tiny muffin tin might turn up.




3 responses

9 02 2010

i LOVE this photo. the colors are so bright, and i want to touch and hold a crayon so badly!

11 02 2010

Isn’t it weird how different colors go completely unused with different kiddos? We have 5 brown and 5 yellow crayola markers full-up at the mo, but the reds and blacks are gone altogether. We made some plain old round ones last week, not nearly as cute! Great shot.

12 02 2010

Thanks! And yes, their color preferences are interesting to watch. I do wonder if I’ll regret using up so much of the blue once they start drawing representational pictures needing sky or water.

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