Valentines, Limits and Ziplocks

11 02 2010

Since I had techinical difficulties last night, it’s one big post tonight. Fingers crossed.

Eleanor’s valentine’s are almost done. I just need to tie a few more together and they’ll be set. Heart shaped crayons in little bags tied to cards made from a painting of Eleanor’s. I’m pretty proud of myself here. On time, no stress, all materials found in my house. It all equals success. (Just don’t ask me about Seth’s valentines yet. That’s another story all together.)

The crayons you saw in the previous post. To make the cards I cut down a painting Eleanor did into little 2.5×3.5″ cards. Not just any painting, but a painting I deliberately set limits on. I suggested she make a red painting. Set out a sheet of water color paper, red paint and a big fat paint brush. I was surprised she went for this. Usually when I set limits there’s some pleading involved for something I’m trying to avoid. But this time it worked. Maybe it’s because I’ve only pulled out the paints one other time so far this year. Who knows.

Seth wanted in on the action too. He worked really hard at making hearts. This shot is just for Jen. To show how well I’ve been passing on my pondering trait to my son.

I kept Eleanor in the loop as far as what the next step was but didn’t elaborate beyond that. Another excellent idea for handling 2 year olds if I do say so myself. After the red painting had dried I set out the painting supplies again.

Only this time I just provided the same paper she had already painted on, pink paint and a very small paint brush. She went to town making dots and lines and circles. A good time.

Once the pink dried I cut the paper down, punched holes in one corner and wrote on the backside. No determining which crayon went with which child, making it easier at delivery time.

I had envisioned placing the crayons in little cellophane bags and tying them to the card but you better believe I wasn’t about to hop in the car and drive across town just to lay money down on a dozen little cellophane bags. No siry! So after a little creative brainstorming I decided that there wasn’t any reason I couldn’t sew a ziplock bag to fit my needs. So here is how one ziplock becomes two little treat bags:

Step 1 – sew 2 lines down the middle. The foot may leave a little mark on the plastic and it will probably pucker a little once or twice but no-one will notice, especially the kids.

Step 2 – cut off the top and down the middle.

Wallah! All that was left then was to tie the bags to the cards with scrap bits of ribbon I’ve been accumulating for just such a need.

Now. Back to that Seth issue…



4 responses

11 02 2010

Brilliant! I want to go sew a plastic bag now….

11 02 2010

yay! love your ziplock solution. i will sometimes sew little bags out of wax paper or parchment paper if i have it in the house.

my little guy and i made valentines last night with fabric scraps. he chose the scrap, i cut hearts and we both sewed them (he pressed the pedal on the machine) to blank card stock. i know what you mean about being proud about using only things you have in the house! feels so good not to spend $ when you don’t really have to.

happy v day!

11 02 2010

look at that ponder! you’re passing it along well. having eleanor paint the paper not once, but twice, is such a great idea. and that you didn’t buy anything? that’s so awesome! i’m jealous of the recipients!

12 02 2010

you and the brilliance – they just seem to go together! i think the molded crayons are the best. we used to make those here.

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