Make Your Own Stickers!

15 02 2010

Seth needed a valentine box this year. So much energy went toward the valentines themselves that we didn’t even think about the box until Wednesday. So box picked out – now what? I worked hard at suppressing the 6th grader in me who won an award for a 3 foot tall masterpiece by chanting “he’s only in preschool, he’s only in preschool”. So I pulled out  our box of tape and started playing. What would happen if I layered tape on parchment paper and cut out shapes? And you know what? It worked! I basically created heart shaped stickers for Seth to place on the box at will. I can see this working for all sorts of cheap sticker fun. I’m imagining geometric shapes for building pictures. Here’s what we did:


  • Colored tape – masking, electrical, painters, duct, fabric…
  • Parchment paper (I bet wax paper would work as well)
  • Scissors

I placed strips of colored tape, overlapping them slightly until achieving the desired size. We tried all the varieties of tape listed above and all worked like a charm.

Then I cut out the hearts using the fold in middle/cut half a heart method.

The peeling off was really, really easy. Not like the store bought variety where often fingernails are required.

The whole process went extremely quickly. Can you imagine how much fun this process would be with boxes of tape like this?




5 responses

15 02 2010

Love this idea! Thanks for sharing!

15 02 2010

fabulous idea! i can think of some grown up projects that could use some handmade stickers…

16 02 2010

I was really quite shocked it turned out so well. And yes, stickers all around!

16 02 2010
Mom and Kiddo

This is a good idea, and love that it’s cheap. What is it about kids and stickers? I am constantly amazed at the ability of stickers to entertain kids. Sometimes I want to say “It’s just a sticker!” But of course I don’t… I NEED them for their entertainment value.

19 02 2010

YOU are a crafting GENIUS!! YOU + TAPE + SCISSORS = GENIUS!!

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