Seth’s Valentines

17 02 2010

As I mentioned, Seth’s valentines did NOT go as smoothly as Eleanor’s. The issue was not with the valentines themselves. They were inspired by Jean at The Artful Parent and turned out fabulously. The challenge had more to do with the fact that Seth wanted to do everything himself. He wanted to write the words and lace the ribbons. If it wasn’t for the fact that I had cut out the hearts in one night at the very beginning, he would have wanted to do all the cutting too! And I wanted to let him. Needless to say, making 20 of the same valentine in less than a week, only during the few hours after work is a bit of a challenge for a 5 year old who has only been writing letters for about a month. There were tears. A lot of them. He made comments about how they weren’t perfect and he knows “mistakes are bad”. My heart went out to him and I tried to boost his confidence and calm his nerves but it was stressful.

In the end he finished half of them and I finished the other half. As far as I can tell he was still proud of his accomplishment and happy with the results. Note to self – start at least 2 weeks before Valentines Day next year!




3 responses

17 02 2010

poor little guy! that sounds pretty stressful. but he won’t remember it a year from now, so carry on… ooooo, i see skiing pics! fun.

19 02 2010

Meanwhile, I was the psycho mommy that made the 3 year old write her own name on 10 cards in one sitting.

19 02 2010

of dear! there is always that balance between saving time by doing it yourself and letting the little ones try to accomplish something on their own. plus it is heartbreaking how quickly kids learn that there is a gap between what they can do and their ideas of “perfect”. reading this i just realized how early in our lives we suffer from this. wish we could let go of that idea of perfect…..

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