For Me!!

16 03 2010

After all those fingerless mitts I made for christmas, I finally finished a pair for me! The funny thing is these are actually the first pair I ever started – way, way back in June. It’s not the easiest pattern. There’s a left and a right and it sort of twists around. This all requires a bit of thought which I find hard when there are children around, a friend to talk to or a glass of wine near by – heaven forbid all three at the same time! I also started to think I wouldn’t like the slightly scratchy nature of the yarn, which was probably the biggest mental barrier I had to get through.

After the rush of holiday knitting was done and I was left penniless, I only allowed myself to finish half done projects or knit from my stash. It’s a miracle these ended up the same gauge after 9 months. Truly.

In the end, I love them and highly recommend the pattern. I’ve gotten use to the yarn and no longer notice the scratchiness. They are absolutely perfect for these chilly early spring days. I can take photographs, use binoculars, zip jackets and buckle seat belts… All without removing them once. I was out for a walk over my lunch hour yesterday and some random guy comments on how much he likes them and then actually asked me to give them to him!! Adding a “can’t you help a guy out?!” to try and convince me. As much as I wanted to make some smart aleck remark, I kept my trap shut, pretended I couldn’t hear over my ear phones and kept walking.


  • Pattern – Spirogyra from Knitty by Lynne Vogel
  • Yarn – Cascade 220 Heathers
  • Ravelry – here
  • What I added/wasn’t specified in the pattern – a sewn bind off, so much stretchier than a traditional bind off
  • What I would change – nothing (and that’s unusual for me)

I think I might NEED to try her spiraling leaves mitt pattern. But first I must fulfill my son’s mitt request and then knit up something OTHER than mitts or I’ll completely OD on them.




9 responses

16 03 2010

they’re wonderful! and it’s about time you made something for yourself! they turned out fabulous, and now you have a reason to look forward to fall.

16 03 2010

These are beautiful!

17 03 2010
Mom and Kiddo

Oooh, I love the color. And the staged photos with the pinecones! :)

17 03 2010

simply beautiful. simply impractical in my climate. definately drool worthy.

18 03 2010

really pretty anna! and good for you to make something for YOURSELF

26 03 2010

your knitting is gorgeous! what a moron asking you for your mitts. but i think he has inspired me to just start making random requests to complete strangers…”oh what a lovely necklace your wearing would you mind giving it to me?” “That newspaper your reading, are you done with it yet? cause I’d like to read it.”

16 04 2010
UK lass in US

These mitts are gorgeous. I have 3 pairs of mitts and live in California, but one more pair couldn’t hurt, could it?

25 04 2010

It was wonderful meeting you last night and your website is lovely. I especially like these gloves! The scalloped texture is so attractive and I’m always jealous of anyone who knows how to knit!

26 04 2010

those are gorgeous!!! that color.

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