Thank You Ed!

23 03 2010

Seth is not known as someone who likes to color. This is pretty much the exact opposite of his little sister. But over the last few months things have started to change. He’s gaining a little more confidence and willing to try new things. He’s also been willing to spend a little time working on a project. That’s another thing he’s not known for. The masterpiece above was a collaboration between the two of us following the step-by-step instructions in Ed Emberley’s Big Green Drawing Book. He does such a great job breaking down detailed pictures into basic lines and curves. I was pretty much a slow poke when drawing my pieces and I also tried my darnedest to not be perfect and show I was ok with that. Seth enjoyed every minute of it and taped the end result up on his bedroom wall with pride.

We’re not newbies to the Ed Emberley world. We’ve received his books as gifts as well as given them.  And every single one of them has been a good choice. From his drawing books to his picture books, we’re fans. I’ve seen non-artsy adults sit down and draw with a child because of his books. And that, to me, is magic.

To get a little taste, go to his website and try out some of his drawing projects and activities. Even if there’s no kid in your house, it’s a fun website if you’re willing to go basic. Heck, I just learned how to draw a mouse!




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24 03 2010
Mom and Kiddo

I remember Ed from when I was a kid, but I’ve never introduced him to Kiddo. Maybe it’s time.

24 03 2010

Yes, it might be perfect timing. Seth finds the bigger projects a little spacially challenging and occasionally runs off the page and gets frustrated but he’s getting the hang of it. You could try one of his books from the library to see how it goes.

24 03 2010

pretty cool idea. i think a lot of people that say “i can’t draw” never really had the opportunity to learn!

26 03 2010

Awesome!! We love Ed, and have spent hours doodling with his books.

3 04 2010

Thanks so much for sharing. Your creativity makes for hours of fun in our household too.

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