31 03 2010

Sometimes mistakes are fun. It’s true. I’m in the middle of making Seth some fingerless mitts like the ones I made his grandfather. I’m using the same yarn and it fades from dark to bright, light green. I’m on mitt #2 and was about 1/3 of the way done when I realized the color changing wasn’t working out. I don’t expect them to be look the same, but I do want them to be somewhat similar. The way it was turning out I was going to end up with one bright green mitt and one dark, dark green mitt. It wasn’t working for me. And this yarn doesn’t tear back very easily. So I cut the yarn, cinched it through the top row of stitches, folded over the brim and wallah! Duckie has a new easter hat.

Reactions from the kids differed. Seth thought my little 2″ hat was hilarious. Eleanor on the other hand had this to say in between teary eyed sniffs “but you’re to make me an ORANGE hat!!!” Per her request, I will eventually get around to making her an orange hat, but I in no way thought that would be her reaction. Ah well, I amused myself.




5 responses

31 03 2010

lemons to lemonade, good for you! I’m with Seth, it’s a funny, cute hat. :)

31 03 2010

Thanks! It made me feel better about having spent all that time with yarn I’m not jazzed about on size 2 needles.

31 03 2010

poor kiddo! life’s pretty tough some days…

2 04 2010
urban craft

i love it. Ducky needs a scarf and some mitts of his own too!

10 04 2010

Oh my, you never know do you! I personally find the tiny hat for ducky adorable! In fact I’m quite infatuated with ducky and his hat!

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