Eggs, eggs and more eggs

8 04 2010

Although there was no crafting for the baskets this year, we did get around to dyeing eggs. A little more than two dozen in fact. In previous years the kids interest in the dyeing process always waned quickly after the first few eggs. It finally dawned on me to do more than one technique to keep their interest. It would have been even smarter had I spread out the dyeing over the entire week, but truthfully I’m not THAT smart. So all egg decorating was done spread out throughout the day on Saturday. Everyone had a blast.

I’ve listed the inspiration posts here. I say inspiration because I didn’t actually read any of the directions. That would take more concentration than I have on hand lately. Instead we winged it and everything turned out fine. None were perfect, but I rather like things that way.

Here are our tissue dyed eggs. We painted on shreds of bleeding tissue paper with vinegar water. Above is the result after they dry and we peeled the tissue off. Inspiration from The Artful Parent. Once Eleanor got over the slightly messy nature of this project everyone had fun. They also enjoyed peeling off the paper to find out the mystery results. I like both the before and after.

Here are some eggs we drew on with crayons while still hot. Inspiration from Family Fun via The Artful Parent.  The kids loved this but only lasted through two a piece. Tiring work you know.

And lastly Kool-aid dyed eggs. Inspiration from Gingerbread Snowflakes via The Crafty Crow.

Maybe next time we’ll dye a few of the melted crayon eggs in kool-aid similar to the eggs Jean did this year. I’d also love to try dyeing eggs with silk ties like Kristin. Hers turned out soooooo beautiful.

My biggest success of easter was converting the kids from the plastic egg hunt to a hunt with the eggs they dyed. It made me extraordinarily happy not to do the plastic thing. AND not to have to fill them with candy or the like. When explaining to the kids this turn of events, I did compromise with Seth’s suggestion of the easter bunny hiding one plastic egg per child with a little surprise inside. (a little chocolate and an old fuzzy little chick). They were satisfied and happy. Apparently all my stressing over how to convert them was for naught.

The downside to the eggs? Our fridge went out on the big day. And since I wasn’t about to spend holiday charges to get it fixed and our neighbor’s fridge could only hold so much, all the eggs had to be tossed. Boo. But since we would have been hard pressed to eat that many eggs and we were able to have the fridge fixed on Monday, I think we’ll survive.

I hope you all had a happy easter!




5 responses

8 04 2010

They’re beautiful!! I’m taking notes for next year. I’m also making a note to NOT introduce the plastic eggs and just start with the plastic ones. Funny story – my Mother-in-Law gave Daughter an Avocado and a Banana in her basket this year because she knows their her favorite foods. Funny.

8 04 2010

what a great collection of techniques! i’m sad that you threw out the eggs, i would have eaten some! next time. wait, let’s hope there isn’t a next time!

8 04 2010

Oh Kool-Aid!!!! And then I could dye some yarn with the left overs! That might actually get me to dye eggs at all (so lame, I know :) )…
I really like the ‘before’ tissue ones too — all thick and colorful.

8 04 2010

ok, i get it now…on Friday i think no matter how hard you tried to explain the bleeding tissue idea to me it still would have never set in without the visual…guess we’re both having similar concentration issues…

yay!! no more plastic eggs!! it really is so much better without, isn’t it? and if you’re really dying to put stuff in an egg, did you see what megan did with hers?

and the “easy” version

anyway…i love seeing these that you did and will try them with the boys next year (if i remember…)

10 04 2010

Well, my dad always said i was a day late and a dollar short….
too late i see this post about the kool-aid dying, they are brilliantly colored! I’m going to have to check out all of these links.
Fridge going out – bad, very bad!

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