11 04 2010

Inspired by Scrumdilly-Do!, we made cascarones for easter. Totally fun! You’re supposed to crush them over someone’s head but we were all a bit on the timid side for that. But they are great fun to smash and toss in the air. I think they need to become a tradition around here.

We died them with some of the left over kool-aid egg dye and filled them with freshly made hole punches. Had I thought ahead I would have just emptied all the hole punches as the office. There’s always next year.

Speaking of next year, I think these might become our new “plastic eggs”. After my last easter egg post, Kristin left a comment that has blown my socks off! She pointed out these and these made by Megan at Not Martha. Ummm…. yeah, I basically just did her “easy” version.  The only thing I hadn’t done is sterilize the eggs which would be essential, but then I could add a few jelly beans or a tiny chick and walla! Child requested surprise on the inside of an egg fulfilled and mommies desired to leave the plastic eggs in the past fulfilled. Sounds like happiness all around. I can’t wait until next easter! (Oh, and her chocolate filled version? Those are several easters away. Several.)



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12 04 2010

i love that you just glued matching tissue on the bottom…these are really cute anna…maybe several easters from now we could have a date to make the chocolate version, i think i’d need a lot of moral support to get those babies made up.

(just curious…how do you clear away all the confetti?)

12 04 2010

I actually didn’t clear away the confetti. Sounds bad and pulls on my 70s “give a hoot” philosophy. But in reality we only had 5 or 6 eggs and they didn’t contain tons of confetti. So the bits of paper and eggshell just blew into the lawn. The rain today should make quick compost of the paper. The same will happen with the eggshells over a bit longer time or the birds will eat them. I’ve read that birds will actually eat eggshells for the extra calcium this time of year – and these are kool-aid flavored!

12 04 2010
painted fish studio

how awesome! i had never heard of cascarones until today, and they look like so much fun to make, and break!

12 05 2010

so…..reading kristin’s post about her pal jen and i find you, too! just thought i’d share the eggs we made. they don’t close up all the way, but you can totally hide little treats in them. now we did start with the plastic eggs to make these babies, but we just seem to have accumulated those obnoxious things somehow. down with plastic eggs! ;)

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