A Complete Set

12 04 2010

What do you do when you’re big sis hits a milestone birthday? Well, in my case you knit. And because I’m the teasing little sister, I knit in black.  I couldn’t be too bad after all, I do have a younger sister and will also eventually hit this milestone.

Here’s me modeling the beret. I’d put a pic of my glamorous sis up, but she’s all the way across the country.

Pattern: Speedy Cabled Beret (the term speedy is NOT used lightly here)

Yarn: Rowan Alpaca Soft

Alterations: converted to knitting in the round

Ravelry: here

Since I had plenty of yarn left and I was on a fingerless mitt kick:

Pattern: Last Minute Knit Mitts from Dawn at UK lass in US

Alterations: none

Ravelry: here

I still had yarn left over so I knit a super quick (and slightly boring) long skinny scarf with fringe.

I wish it could have been longer, but not only has this yarn been discontinued, it was supposed to just be a project to use up the yarn. Buying a 5th skein would have defeated that purpose. I think it took me longer to package and mail this gift than actually knit it. I’m bad that way.

Happy very belated birthday big sis!

Ravelry: here




6 responses

12 04 2010

Great present!
I hope your sister sends you a photo in her ensemble.

12 04 2010
painted fish studio

fabulous gift! and you are such a great model! happy birthday to sister…

12 04 2010

i’m bad that way too (got it done, but in the mail??)

you are absolutely adorable in that beret….might have to consider one for yourself?

16 04 2010
UK lass in US

Tch, why didn’t my parents give me a younger sister who would knit lovely things for me on my birthday? Oh, that’s right, I was the unplanned mistake that arrived years after my brothers, but still…

I hope that she likes it. Your mitts look much better than mine.

23 04 2010

wonderful photo styling with you and the knitting and the pussy willows!!

26 04 2010

what a lovely, thoughtful gift. all of the items were gorgeous as was th epic of you modeling the beret. :) oh and i agree with smooth pebble beautiful photo styling.

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