Little Houses

13 04 2010

Jen hosted a little clay pARTy recently. It was fun to play in a medium I rarely touch. I had all sorts of ideas in my head, but had issues translating them into 3D. So this is what resulted. To get a size perspective, the little one is almost exactly the size of a quarter. Not what I had pictured, but I still like how they look on my windowsill. Eventually they may make it to a terrarium. Or at least a potted plant.

It also happens to be Jen’s birthday today. What’s left of it that is. Happy Birthday Jen! (couldn’t resist saying it just one more time)




6 responses

13 04 2010

ha! i think you covered ever possible social network medium there is… oops! you forgot twitter! (i wanna do a smiley face but it’ll turn yellow and big.) thanks for coming last weekend — you were a driving force in the decision to give clay a shot. i love your little houses, even if they weren’t what you originally had in mind!

13 04 2010


15 04 2010

whoever said *Flinstone House* nailed it. i do just love yours, anna. what a sap am i? just a lounge lizard that night…

15 04 2010

Nah, you got what you needed – a break. With wine and girl friends.

23 04 2010

it makes me want to hold these teeny tiny houses in my hand! i think they will look adorable in a terrarium or a potted plant!

26 04 2010

i love those houses!! i so wish i lived closer so i could come to the pARTy. hope you are doing well. thanks for your well wishes on my married post :)

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