Bird Houses!

26 04 2010

Seth went to a birthday party at a nature center that included painting bird houses. We had a play date scheduled for him and Eleanor with another sibling duo the next day and he decided it was the perfect activity. I love it when he plans activities for his play dates, especially when they included any type of art.

I had to go to Michael’s for something anyway so I told him I’d take a look.  And you know what? They actually had a decent selection AND they were only a dollar! Well geez, I guess I could do that.

I did have to convince him that all the kids could paint a bird house as he was thinking the 2 year olds should only have paper. Once he accepted that idea all went smoothly. Everyone had a great time and the older two exchanged there’s at the end of the day. I don’t think they’re truly appropriate for birds but they certainly look springy on my windowsill.




5 responses

26 04 2010

Aww. I like that there was some interior decorating as well.

26 04 2010

looks like fun! i’m going to have to check out the birdhouse selection the next time i make a michaels run!

26 04 2010

What a great activity! I have to keep that one in my arsenal for rainy summer afternoons.

28 04 2010

that Seth…he’s even organizing pARTy’s!? how sweet is that?

17 05 2010

Such a flashback for me! I still have one of Nate’s creatively painted birdhouses out in one of our trees. We also made some for grandpa too. I think it’s just fabulous to let them go crazy with the paint!

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