Cheater Chopsticks

9 05 2010

The kids love their latest food utensil. If sitting down to the table means they get to use these tong like cheater chopsticks, they’re there! They both caught on rather quickly, even little miss 2 yr old. (though she won’t be 2 for long) I have no idea how we are going to transfer from these to regular chopsticks. Especially since I’m no expert in using them myself.

I guess that would be the first step – me learning proper chopstick technique!



7 responses

9 05 2010
Mom and Kiddo

LOVE these photos. I also enjoy using Kiddo’s cheater chopsticks.

9 05 2010

Hey, that looks like fun! Loodyloo still prefers to use her fingers for most things, but she may be more willing to give utensils a try if they are as cool as these.
–love that middle one of E with the ramen beard!

9 05 2010

so cute!! they’ve got me wanting some noodles!!!

10 05 2010

Sounds like we’ll have to do some practicing in NYC…. I’ll teach ya!

11 05 2010

Love the cheater chopsticks!!!! We have them too…..ours are called zoo sticks. They have all different types of animals at the top. We used them tonight with our dinner:) Hope all is well Anna. Miss you!!!


16 05 2010
UK lass in US

How cool. My son came home from school with some sort of hinge thing that you slide normal chopsticks into. Eating dinner with chopsticks made them a lot more enthusiastic about dinner time. It did take about 3 times as long as normal, mind…

17 05 2010

Why transfer to regular chopsticks when these are so fun and successful!

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