Pounded Wire

14 05 2010

On a spur of the moment I decided to take Cassie’s advice and initiate a mother’s day craft for the kids to make me. So I perused The Crafty Crow and came up with this sweet little bookmark project from Lost Button Studio. I bent the wire and then sent the kids out with their father to bang them flat. My intent was just to make one for me and one for my mother but things got carried away. The kids loved the project and each wanted a couple bookmarks for themselves. Then Steve and I started playing with the shape. Steve made me a fun little turtle which was promptly swallowed by the house. Hopefully we’ll find it again. I started playing with a fish shape. I came up with ideas for more but had lost the motivation to continue after the 9th or 10th bookmark.

Of course, one of these fish just had to find it’s way to Jen.



7 responses

14 05 2010
Mom and Kiddo

I used to be quite the bookmark maker, but only paper-based. Nothing as cute as this!!!

14 05 2010

Oh man! That sure beats a bouquet of dandelions and a 6 am wake up call. I’m showing this to my loos…

14 05 2010

SWEET! i was going to ask where you found it! i’m honored that you gave it to me, and it’s already been put to use!

15 05 2010

ooooooo….all that purposeful pounding, how GREAT for kids!! going to have to steal this one.

and the fish? jen, of course!!

16 05 2010
UK lass in US

How funny – I was out hammering wire myself. I was making a few more of these apple ones http://uklassinus.blogspot.com/2009/05/apple-bookmark.html for the end of teacher appreciation week. Poor teachers must get so sick of apples…

17 05 2010

I swear you make me want to invent a time machine so I could return back in time with the kids and we could do all of these fab things. Oh well, I guess someday grandkids…. BUT NOT ANY TIME SOON!!

24 05 2010

Anna! It was great to finally meet the mastermind behind Three Sneaky Bugs! I had such a wonderful day. Hope you made it to the Met without any difficulties. I’m sure I’ll see you again sooner rather than later. Take care.

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